Why Human Body Needs Vitamins and Minerals?

The composition of our blood plasma is 50 percent similar to sea water and in framed environment its needed for mammals, amphibian and birds to carry salty stream with many other fluids. On daily basis our body performs various functions, however; some are essential and some are just our choice, but when it comes to body functions such as; heart pumping, blood purification and others, so in any conditions we cannot overlook the importance of these functions. Vitamins and minerals both are essential for the proper working of human body and after lots of research and analysis, researchers have found a way that how to fulfil the mineral and vitamin requirement in human body.

Great Salt Lake, Utah is one of the best place in the world, where lands of mountains have ample amount of minerals with several other impurities from billions of years, but now researchers has recognized its importance and they are offering Concentrated Mineral Drops with an aim to fulfil the mineral requirement of our body, however; it comes in market after a lot of scientific process with purest form. Its US based product with comes with seal of trust and reliability as well as it provides perfect combination of all 72 minerals which are needed for the proper functioning of human body. Apart from that we cannot ignore the fact that water is also rich source of mineral, but only then if its in purest form, so if you are the person who needs proper diet of minerals then we will suggest you to use CMD or any other mineral supplement as per the prescription of medical experts or doctors. If the ratio of minerals will fall in your food, so you will face many kinds of disorders and several other issues such as; high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, arthrosclerosis and more, so in present if you are facing any issue related to your health, so better to consult with your medical experts.

Directly, our health depends on the minerals and vitamins and our complex human body needs more than 72 kinds of essential minerals with balance amount, however; now in market there are many kinds of minerals which are coming with balance diet and we will suggest you to take the suggestion of doctors because including them in your diet. If you are taking concentrated solution, so you should take only few drops every day because if you will take them in large quantity, so it will be harmful for your health, as per doctors 5 to 12 drops of minerals supplements are enough for adults.

How Can You Get Needed Nutrition & Minerals?

While eating food and drinking any liquid we always think about nourishes nature of food and liquids because we all are aware about that fact that our body cannot work properly without minerals and vitamins. On a daily basis our body digests several kinds of fats, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and many others nourishes elements directly from food and drink in an order to get needed energy and other functional elements to keep the body healthy and fit. Nutrition is very important for our body and due to that our food directly affect our health and fitness level, which means we should be aware about the importance of minerals in our life and the advantage of foods which we are eating.

There are large number of patients who are ill because of lack of minerals and vitamins. Apart from that if you will take wrong diet or food then needed minerals will not be supplied in our body, there are chances that you will suffer from number of diseases such as; kidney or heart related disease, diabetes and more.

Minerals have a capability to regulate processes and function of our body, apart from that mineral also help us to lose weight and it boost immune system of human body. Calcium, Copper, Fluoride, Iron, Iodine, Chloride and Chromium are some of the most needed minerals, however; if you are looking for sources to get these minerals, so you can add nuts, milk, vegetable oils, salt, cheese, soy sauce and whole grains in your regular diet.

According to health experts we should include some nutrias food and liquids in diet because as much long you will live you will need water, food and minerals in proper ratio. Minerals are important for the maintenance and proper functioning of human body such as; minerals helps to transport oxygen in whole body and stimulate growth through activation of nervous system. We can also go with Concentrated Mineral Drops which is a natural mineral supplement. It extremely helps to full the scarcity of minerals in our body. Anderson CMD contains 72 types of vital minerals which are requisite for our body to perform daily basis activity.

Mineral Supplement- Great Source of Healthy Body


If you are the one who want to keep the mineral levels up to mark, so we will suggest you to adopt healthy eating habits and drink much amount of water to enjoy health benefits. There are only few people who know that our human body contains 5 to 10 percent minerals such as; selenium, iron, copper, zinc and other small increments like; calcium, magnesium or copper. No one from us can survive with improper balance of minerals in human body because minerals play a vital role in keeping our body healthy and fit.

There are many minerals in market which can provide you needed supply of minerals and in the same way Mineral supplement CMD is limitless because it comes in reasonable price and able to fulfil the mineral requirement of human body with its organic composition. It will help you to keep up the proper supply of minerals in body with an aim to regulate the functions such as; bone formation, heart rate and much more. These days fertilizers are affecting our land and due to that our food and fruits are growing on the soil which don’t have ideal amount of minerals and vitamins. If you want to live healthy lifestyle, you should take regular diet of vitamins and minerals with an aim to fulfill the requirement of human body. There are many doctors and medical experts who are recommending for the regular diet of MRI drops because there benefits are countless.

On daily basis our body performs many amazing task which needs specific amount of energy and for that it’s essential for you to get the regular diet of protein and mineral rich foods, but if you think that your food lacks minerals and vitamins, so you can take supplement with the prescription of medical experts. Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium and Chloride are few minerals which are essential for our body and you should make sure that your diet has all these mentioned minerals if you think your diet is not enough so we will suggest you to take the parallel diet of minerals supplement Anderson CMD once you will take it for one or two months so you will be able to see the real difference.

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Proper Dietary Intake of Minerals


When it comes to dietary intake of minerals, so first question is that how much amount of minerals, we should take in our regular diet? And according to that you can calculate that your daily multivitamins and minerals are enough or not? But it can be hard to calculate it with so many nutritional terms, numbers and abbreviations.

Minerals are the essential nutrient to prevent serious disease so that you can get the perfect health. In simple terms minerals can be classified as per the amount of minerals that our body needs per day. If we need any mineral less than 100 mg a day, so it will fall under minor minerals or trace elements and if we need any mineral more than 100 mg a day, so it will come under main minerals or major elements.

1) Calcium:

Our human body needs calcium in great amount as it is helpful in bone development and teeth development, in short we can say that calcium play a vital role in nerve transmissions and muscle function. According to medical experts, we should take at least 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day.

Source of Calcium: Spinach, beans, broccoli, cabbage and dairy products.

2) Sodium:

Sodium is very important mineral for our human body as it can  stimulate muscle and nerve function, to assist in muscle contraction in human body, to maintain  the proper fluid balance inhuman body, and relaxation and to support the absorption of other nutrients like; glucose, amino acids and chloride. According to medical experts, we should take at least 180 to 500 milligrams of sodium per day.

Source of Sodium: Processed foods, tomato sauce and soups.

3) Potassium:

Potassium helps to controls the electrical activity of heart and to regulate blood pressure. Our human body need a proper pH balance of the blood and it also use carbohydrates to build proteins and to support normal growth. According to medical experts, we should take at least 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day.

Source of Potassium: Chicken, fish, pumpkin, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potato, bananas, pears, beef, turkey and more.

4) Magnesium:

To support 300 biochemical reactions, our human body needs magnesium. Magnesium is essential for teeth and bone formation, and it also supports the function of muscle and nerve to keeps heart beat regular. According to medical experts, we should take at least 4400 to 420 milligrams magnesium per day.

Source: Oat bran, spinach, Beans, nuts, brown rice, almonds, cashews, whole grains, bran cereal and green vegetables.

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